April 23, 2010

Art and Baking

One of my favorite hobbies (besides art, of course) is baking. I love to make up my own crazy recipes. Pies are my specialty, but I like to dabble in other baked goodies also, like muffins, breads, and other desserts. Sometimes they turn out, sometimes they don't. It doesn't really matter...I always have fun in the process. I'm sure I'll post the recipe to one of my creations on here someday soon. Baking, especially when you're making up your own recipe, is a form of art too, right?? I think so!

So for my latest project, I brought together my interests in art and baking. I started by cutting up the bags of my flours and sugars, and peeling off the labels of my vanilla extract and baking powder. My pantry is now full of unlabeled baking ingredients! Oh well, I think it's worth it...I love how this piece turned out! I laid the labels out on a 14"x18" canvas. Then used Mod Podge to glue the labels down and to act as a sealant. There are lots of varieties of Mod Podge - I chose to use a variety with a glossy finish made specifically for paper. I then painted on the word 'bake' in black acrylic paint, and splattered it with white paint using a plastic fork. (I actually analyzed the splatters on some of my WeeBitTrashy paintings before deciding how I wanted to apply the splatter. I decided I liked how the plastic fork splattered best! haha) The white paint makes it look like flour was sprinkled over the painting. I love this effect since my kitchen always ends up covered in flour when I'm baking! To finish it off, I applied one coat of varnish to protect the paint and add a sheen to the entire piece.

I will be putting this piece up on my Etsy store soon. As much as I like the piece, I hope to share it with a fellow Betty Crocker. So if you're interested, check out my Etsy store. I'd also love feedback, so please post your comments!

April 22, 2010

Gloss Varnish

I was a little disappointed that the black paint on my latest splatter painting turned out a little dull. I love working with acrylic paints because they dry quickly and are easy to clean up, but sometimes the colors aren't as vibrant or glossy as oil paints. So, I tried using a gloss varnish as a finish on the paintings, and was very happy with the results. It added a subtle sheen and should help protect the paintings. I will have to experiment, but I should be able to get an even glossier finish with additional coats. It also says that it can be added directly to the paints to increase their gloss levels. I will have to try this.

Here is what I used - Atelier Gloss Medium & Varnish

You can also buy it in other finishes...Satin, Matte, etc. I'm sure there are plenty of other brands and types out there. I found this one at my local craft and hobby store.

Happy painting everyone!

April 18, 2010

Most Recent Splatter Paintings

This is a photo of my latest Splatter Paintings. The two smaller canvases measure 11"x14" and the larger one is 16"x20". To make the paintings, I used a plastic Easter egg, a plastic fork, and a pencil container.

I loved making these paintings. I threw down a tarp outside in the grass on a beautiful day and went to town painting. Soaked up the sun, relieved some stress, and made some artwork. That's hard to beat!

April 14, 2010


In order to try to break away from the tedious nature of stippling, I have recently tried my hand at something new. I usually refer to them as "splatter paintings". Basically, I gather up whatever junk I can find around the apartment (hence the name "WeeBitTrashy"), and start throwing, splattering, stamping, or dripping paints onto the canvases using the objects that I find. You finish with an eye-catching, colorful piece of artwork, and it's a blast! I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my artwork, but these paintings force me to loosen up.

Here is a sampling of the paintings I have made so far:

The 5 paintings in the photos above are the first splatter paintings that I made (these were made with the help of my husband!) We used plastic forks and spoons, a tooth brush, a beer bottle, bubble wrap, and crumpled paper.

This grouping of paintings was made with the help of my sister-in-law using a shoe, a cat toy, crumpled paper, and a pie crust cutter.

Yesterday I finished up another set of paintings. Pictures of those will be posted soon.

I would love feedback about my new "WeeBitTrashy" paintings, so please post any ideas you have.