November 7, 2010

Graffiti Art Class

Yesterday I went to a Graffiti art class at the Swank Coffee Shop in Southern Pines (one of my favorite places!). Jodi Ohl taught the class, and she was wonderful! I had wanted to sign up for this class during the summer, but had missed it and was so glad that I had a chance to take it. And I had a blast! It was completely different than any art projects I had done before. It was all about being loose and created layer upon layer, realizing that the initial layers would eventually be covered, but they guided you as you created your piece. Jodi encouraged us to let things go, not to get too attached to those first layers, and to just let the piece build upon itself. It was a wonderful learning experience, not only in encouraging me to be more free and forgiving in my art. But we also learned so many different techniques during the course of the class. We started with a collage using ModPodge, then used paints, stencils, sponges, any random object that would create a fun texture, and then we finished it off with spray paint! Tons of fun!


  1. Love it Jessica, I'm so glad you had a great time--the class was fun to teach! It makes me feel really grateful that you had a good experience and took away some new ideas :))

    I just checked out your work and YOU DO WONDERFUL work yourself, amazing!! Keep on creating, you are a natural!

  2. This is lovely.... I really like your use of color- so fun!

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